Xwindows hardware cursor for Mach 32 VLB w/ ps/2 mouse

Xwindows hardware cursor for Mach 32 VLB w/ ps/2 mouse

Post by Eric F » Sat, 01 Oct 1994 02:07:30

     Anyone ever come across a problem in Xwindows where the hardware
mouse cursor is a big rectangle?  Can't seem to get a mouse pointer -
although the mouse does work.

     Running a Microsoft mouse through the ps/2 port which is driven
by onboard Mach 32.  Xconfig has:
                                ps/2    /dev/mouse
                                emulate 3 buttons
                                baudrate 1200

     I've read all the HOWTO's and FAQ's and played around with it
for over a month now.  Running linux 1.1.49 and Mach 32 driver version


1. 40MHz operation jumper on ATI Mach 32 VLB?


I have an ATI Mach 32 VLB video card that I would like to use with a SIS
chipset based i486DX motherboard.  The card works fine when clocked
at 33MHz, but when I clock it at 40MHz it periodically has problems (3
bands of scrambled video across the screen).

I notice on the card, there are 3 pads with an associated silk screen that
shows that there should be a jumper there.  One position is labled 33MHz,
and the other is labled 40MHz.  I am curious...if I solder a jumper where
40MHz operation is indicated, will the card work reliably at 40MHz?


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