Help setting up HP-Thinkjet printer

Help setting up HP-Thinkjet printer

Post by Dan Wo » Tue, 21 Jun 1994 11:57:07

I'm stickly a newbie when it comes to  printing in Linux. I was able to get
lpr working on my Slacware1.2.0 once I foundout I  needed to recompile with
parallel support enabled.

I   think what I need is a printcap entry for my HP-ThinkJet printer. Maybe
I need some sort of filter too , to eliminate the "staircase effect". I've
read the relevant portions of the "Printing-HOWTO"  but I'm finding it a
bit confusing.

Can someone please help?



1. HP-Thinkjet setup, HOWTO?

My Linux is Slackware with kernel 1.1.48. I've got a HP-Thinkjet printer.
Does anyone have any experience or info pertaining to using the Thinkjet
with Linux?

Would HP-Deskjet printcap entries and filters be a good starting point?

Thanks for any help!



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