HELP: Network Connection with serial cable(NULL modem)??

HELP: Network Connection with serial cable(NULL modem)??

Post by Lepa » Wed, 15 Jun 1994 01:57:40


Does anyone knows how to connect two machines running Linux with
serial cable(null-modem)?




1. Network with serial cable or null modem?

Yes, it's possible. Just do anything ou would do if dialing
in on a provider/slip server but leave the dialing out.
One problem is that one of the machines is the initiotor, the other
a server, so the connection has to be set up asymetrically.
And comparered to ethernet it's slow. (NeX000 clone cards cost about
$ 40 down here, comparable witch com[34] and fourport cards.
You may have some trouble in setting up the nul-modem-cable and cts/rts
dcd etc. stuff  . First use the line as a serial login line (put a getty on
the target, see if flow control works (do a ls -lR and try to stop ti with
^S etc) , then gradually build up the protocol. (can be done in about 1/2
hour if you now what to do)
Adriaan van Kessel.

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