HELP w/ Slackware 1.2.0 using Intel Express Ethernet Card

HELP w/ Slackware 1.2.0 using Intel Express Ethernet Card

Post by Nathan Vuong (Network Servic » Wed, 15 Jun 1994 00:10:00

Hello Linux User, I am in the process setting up Slackware 1.2.0 on my PC (486DX50).
I have a problem with setting up the Networking packages.  I want to set-up my Linux
so that I can get access to the Sun Host that is on our network.  Currently we are
using Novell 3.11 and Intel package driver.  Do I need any special Driver to for
Intel Ethernet Card.  

And when prompt to enter the network information, such as IP,
netmask, network, broadcast, etc.  Do I enter the current network setting that was
set-upped by my Sys. Adm OR the new network that I am trying to set-up.  For example:
My current IP address is for netmask do I enter (which is
the new set-up) or do I use the current set-up that was set-up by my Sys. Adm (which
is  Since we use IPX, we don't have a Gateway, so do I enter the address
of our name server in the space of Gateway insted.

And what is a Network Address.

Any insights is greatly appreciated.  You can my your reply or post it, I really
appreciated if you would mail it, since this newsgroup is so large.  Thank You

Nathan V.


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