Getty Problem!.. Corrupt Getty File

Getty Problem!.. Corrupt Getty File

Post by Aynalem Mekb » Sun, 03 Apr 1994 15:36:30

        Well, I can't sign on my linux machine, I was playing around with
installing "mgetty" and  accidently copied a text file over my getty file.  REal careless move but my system crashed and I can't get it working again, obviously because getty is not getty, but How would I fix this?

        I guess the only way would be to boot off the install floppies or the rescue disk and then copy getty from elsehwere back into /sbin.  

Would appreciate any help




1. Is a getty server replacing multiple getty processes feasable?

What I was wondering if it would be possible to write a getty server which
would open the ports and spawn a getty to service a port only when input is
detected on that port.

Any thoughts on this?

Our Mips unix system has up to 50 getty/uugetty processes serving modems/serial
ports.  Each process consumes 260k.  So 260k * 50 = 13000k of memory used just
for running multiple gettys.

- John

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