Good VGA card for XFree86? Any suggestions

Good VGA card for XFree86? Any suggestions

Post by George Wa » Tue, 21 Mar 1995 18:09:36

Hi everybody

I plan to buy a new graphics adapter for my box, but I'm not quiet sure which
one would be best. It should be able to run without any problems under XFree86
3.1 on Linux. I've read already some postings about problems with several
cards under X.

Which card can you suggest that is (more or less) cheap? I don't need any
high-end/high-performance card. Just one that is able to get up to

Any hints/suggestions/experiences are greatly appreciated.

George Walz


1. Suggestions for VGA card?

I am about to upgrade my video card, and thought I'd better see which ones
were supported or even recommended for use with linux on an ISA bus machine.
Do S3 based cards work well for this, or is their optimization specific to
windoze? I'm more interested in resolution than in performance. Anyone have
any suggestions, or is there a file on the subject somewhere? Thanks.


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