Can linux boot from a Jaz Drive ?

Can linux boot from a Jaz Drive ?

Post by Brian Bowm » Sat, 18 Nov 2000 00:03:08


Can linux boot from a Jaz Drive and if so what are the
concerns/consequences (other than performance).

Thanks in advance,



1. Using Iomega Jaz drive ( if they ever come out) as a Boot drive???

I had been concidering using an Iomega Jaz drive (when they come out)
as the boot drive on my system...
Because i have this tendency to change operating systems every other
week or more... (involving messy reformattings/partitionings/and
backup & restores from floppies) I was thinking it would be possible
to use the Jaz drive so that whenever i want to change OS.. i could
just shutdown one OS and change the cartridge...

I was noticing on Iomega's slow homepage that the specs for the Jaz
said something about:
        Average start/stop time                 10/5 seconds
Ack!... Well anyway.. i am somewhat with exactly what that spec
        i.e does it take 10 seconds for the drive to spin-up every time you
wanna access it? (which wouldnt work for running the os from)  or is
that simply a 10 second wait on startup of the machine...?

say it aint so..?              

                        -Daved Daly

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