floppy boots

floppy boots

Post by Christopher Qui » Mon, 20 Feb 1995 23:44:37

Dear All,
        Can anyone say what might be my problem if I were to tell you
that I have a bootable floppy with an ext2 file system aboard, that
runs smoothly on my bog-standard Dell machine but halts when I pop
it into any other: I've tried portables,IBM's and Compaqs.
The particular place it stops is right after "mounting root file system"
is announced and where I expected init to kick in. I used Lilo v13
with kernel 1.1.54.
I disconnected extra disks and boards to get back to the base system
in the hope that the boot-disk was looking for a file on another file
system - but nothing doin'.
Any ideas ?

Thanks ...
... chris Q.


1. Make the boot floppy boot dos?

I loaded lilo on the hda5, being afraid I'd screw up my Win95
partition.  I can run both OSs without trouble using the boot floppy but
would like to boot either from the hard drive.  I have been told to
"make the boot floppy boot dos, then run lilo" and all will be well.  I
have fooled with the floppy lilo.conf to no avail.  I would rather have
two working OSs than a machine I can't use for business so I am
reluctant to proceed further without quidance.
Has anyone got some simple words of counsel?  I don't think I need
detailed instructions but . . . I sure could use at least a direction.
Thanks in advance.

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