ELF version of libXpm.so.4

ELF version of libXpm.so.4

Post by Andreas Yankopolu » Thu, 01 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hello all!

In an attempt to get Netscape 3.0 Beta 5 running on my linux box (kernel
v 2.0.8), I downloaded and installed the ELF format distribution of
XFree86 3.1.2.  With the a.out format files, netscape 3.0b5 complained
that the libraries had to be in ELF format.

This is still the case with the library libXpm.so.4!  This library is
actually a symbolic link to libXpm.so.4.3, which ldconfig reports as a
DLL library.

Please respond via e-mail, as my news feed has been patchy lately.

Thanks in advance,

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1. Where is libXpm.so.4 ELF ?

Could someone point me to the precompiled ELF format libXpm.so.4 ?
btw. Sometimes I use Netscape as newsreader, so write
ftp://ftp.where.i/will/find/it/if/it/already/exists/somewhere  . Thanks
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