getty and DEC vt320 on Linux

getty and DEC vt320 on Linux

Post by Simon Johnst » Tue, 21 Dec 1993 22:23:04

I have acquired 2 DEC vt320 terminals and am linking them to my Linux box.
I have the cables now worked out, and I can use them fairly OK (at 19200!).

The problem I have is when spawning getty. I have the following entries in
my /etc/inittab:

# Uncomment the lines below for hard wired terminals.
#c7:456:respawn:/etc/getty 9600 ttyS0
c7:456:respawn:/etc/getty 19200 cua1

and the following in gettydefs:

#  Modem that autobauds to different speeds, terminal locked at 9600, etc:
#       - SANE includes CS8 ISTRIP HUPCL
#       - DON'T USE SANE or ECHO for initial config!!!!!

The problem is that I want to include the terminal type in the inittab
entry when starting the getty process. I have tried

c7:456:respawn:/etc/getty 19200 vt320 cua1

but this seems to stop the process starting up. I have tried a type of
vt320, vt300, vt220, vt200, dl none of which work. I have also tried
using the more correct ttyS1 as the line, this does not work either.

Any help would be appreciated.

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        I have looked with crawlers like Yahoo and Altavista for
Terminal emuator for DEC vt300 and DEC vt320 under Linux but without
success. As far as I noticed, the usual emulator (like xterm, rxvt, kvt
...) only emulates DEC vt100.

        Does any of you knwo an hint about what I am looking for ?

        Thanks to let me know by mail  as I do not have a frequent access to
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        Thanks for the help.

        Nicolas Pettiaux

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