Gnu Linker probs with Linux. HELP

Gnu Linker probs with Linux. HELP

Post by Stuart Macle » Sun, 20 Feb 1994 01:59:00

Hi there, I tried to install the latest version of GNU binutils,
version 2.3, on my Linux box. (pl 14, gcc 2.5.7 lib4.5.19). It
compiles OK but won't run. Some error referring to

'can't emulate i486'.

I can't work out what 'emualtion' means, even having read the info

Somebody posted me a brief answer, stating that the linker couldn't
work because of Linux's shared library format. Unfortunately, I lost
the post.

Any help and explanations gratefully appreciated. Cheers.


Stuart Maclean,
Dept of Electronics and Computer Science,
University of Southampton.


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