Help for Conner 250 users

Help for Conner 250 users

Post by Bryan Somethin » Tue, 28 Feb 1995 22:59:57


        I had major trouble getting my Conner Tape*Stor 250 Internal to
function with Linux.  After a few hours of tinkering and some very
helpful advice and directions from someone who posted here (I wish I
could remeber the name), I fixed my problem.  For others who may be going
through what I went through, here is what to do.  You must get the source
for the Linux kernel you're using.  1.1.59 or greater is recommended.  
Also, you must get ftape1.14b.  Get if from ftp.cdrom.cdom in the
pub/sunsite directory somewhere.  Unpack it.  Recompile your kernel and
say yes to QIC-117 support, and 3 for buffers.  (This info is in the
ftape Install-guide).  After your kernel is built, reinstall it following
the directions in README and reboot.  Your drive is all set to go!  Have
fun!!  If you need further help, feel free to mail me.



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Hi Everyone,

I have trouble getting ftape to work with conner 250 drive. I have a 486dx33 and
running linux 1.0
I tried both ftape0.9.9d and 0.9.10.
With debugging info turned on, I figured that both drivers will recognize the
drive. mt -f /dev/ftape rewind works. And I am able to read tapes with some
read errors...
When I try to write on the tape either with tar or with dd I fail...
ftape 0.9.10 will say "unforseen write error and will give a write i/o error
right of the bet. ftape 0.9.9d will start writing and somewhere between the
5th and the 10th segment it will give a write error, stop, rewind at the beginning
of the segment and try again. After that it will do the same thing for every
subsequent segment... so ther is no streaming.... and it becomes a pain...

I would appreciate any ideas. Let me know if you need any more info about my
configuration. Please reply via e-mail if possible.

  Thanks in advance,


  User Consultant / Sys Admin            voice : (906) 487-2111
  Michigan Technological University

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