Slackware 1.2.0 and Adaptec 2840/2842 support

Slackware 1.2.0 and Adaptec 2840/2842 support

Post by Bill Heis » Wed, 01 Jun 1994 02:50:51

> there is no support for the 2842 card yet, people are working on it, it will
> be available RSN.

Really?  RSN?  I had heard that it would be "at least Fall" before the
driver would be available (hence I've decided to buy a Buslogic 445S card since
it is supported NOW).    

Is the Adaptec driver really going to be available soon?



1. Slackware 1.2.0 and Adaptec 2840/2842 support

Hello all, I have been attempting to get Linux 1.2.0 installed onto my 486/33
at home and I have Linux itself tar'd onto SCSI tape for use with my Tandberg
3660 (3600?). My system consists of the usual IDE controller and an Adaptec
VL 2840/2842 SCSI controller (just installed it this weekend). When I was
booting from the two disks prior to setting up Linux it saw my IDE drive, but
not my SCSI drive(s). At that time I figured it was because of the fact I was
using a Trantor T130b SCSI board, well, switching to this Adaptec didn't help
matters, just gave me a more expensive (and better) scsi controller! :(

So can anyone tell me what I am missing here? I have disabled both C: and D: in
Bios so I am booting from my SCSI drive C:, I have a second disk I want to
install Linux onto (actually second partition of disk 2). I have scsinet for
the kernel on the Linux disks in 3.5" format. One other problem I noticed was
that when I got to the login prompt, it says login as "root", well I did so,
then it asks for password (usual unix login request), but I have not found this
information anywhere in the howto- documentation. Eventually it lets me in to
the # prompt, but when I was trying to install it onto my IDE drive it wouldn't
let me mkswap, said something about not enough memory or couldn't find device
/dev/hda22. I want to install it on a second partition, not the first partition
so I can leave my IDE C: as boot disk, work on getting kernel to recognize my
Adaptec for SCSI usage, I sound confused?! Anyways, if some kind
soul could point me in the proper direction (other than out of here! :) ) I

will hunt down the FAQ's as time permits.

Mike Soucy

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