Diamond Stealth 24 VLB

Diamond Stealth 24 VLB

Post by Carl Hoa » Thu, 24 Mar 1994 23:48:04

What's the deal with Linux that it can't work Diamond's cards?  I've read the
FAQ and it says that because Diamond doesn't want to release their own code.  I
don't understand?  First, it doesn't work with IBM MCA bus then I went out and
purchased the ISA bus system with Diamond Stealth 24 VLB card.  And now what?
It doesn't like Diamond's cards when I tried to run X.  All I can do is in black
and white lines.  Is there a way to make Linux to work with Diamond's cards?
Please help!  Thanks.

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Diamond Stealth 24 VLB

Post by Joe Lea » Sun, 27 Mar 1994 08:00:36

Does anyone know how to make the Diamond Stealth 24 VLB work under Xwindows!
I have heard so many people tell me that it is no problem, no one seems to
know exactly what to put in the Xconfig file.  I would just be happy to
run in one resolution.  I am not concerned about switching them, just some
color would be nice...  


1. Diamond Stealth 24 VLB S3 chipset problems with XFree863.1.2


Yesterday I installed Linux from the Slackware 3.0 distribution, and I
believe it comes with the XFree86 3.1.2 server. I have a CTX CMS-1561/LR
15 inch multiscanning monitor with a Horizontal scanning frequency of
30-60 kHz and vertical refresh rate between 50-90 Hz. It supports all VESA
standard modes upto 1024x768 in non-interlaced mode.(according to the manual)

The video card driving this monitor is a Diamond Stealth 24 VLB card
with 1MB memory installed. It has an S3 S86C805 chipset which was
identified correctly by SuperProbe. I think it also identified the RAMDAC
as SS2410 or something like that. So far so good.

I ran xf86config on the machine and the Diamond Stealth 24 card was listed
as choice 37, and I followed the instructions accordingly when prompted.
i.e. I entered the Clockchip identifier so that X did not have to run with
X -probeonly to probe the clock. After linking the acclerated XF86 S3
server to X, I restarted to get a blank screen, the machine was hung and I
had to hard reboot the machine. After many different attempts, I finally
decided to start from the basics and was able to successfully use the Mono
server and also the 16 color VGA X server. However, till this time I have
not been able to get the SVGA server or the accelerated S3 server to work.
If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this problem, I would welcome
that. Thanks,


PS. My machine is a VLB Zeos 486 DX33 with 16 MB memory and 325 MB
diskspace made in approcximately 1993.

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