Help: cannot get term 1.08 to work

Help: cannot get term 1.08 to work

Post by Garrett Jo » Thu, 30 Dec 1993 09:01:23

I cannot get term 1.08 to work properly between my Linux machine at home
and a Sun machine running Solaris 2.3.  I read all the docs, FAQs, and man
pages I could find, but none seem to explain the problems I am having.

On both sides, my ~/.term/termrc file contains these lines:

escape 9
baudrate 38400

I found the escape value from linecheck.  Then I call up the Sun workstation
using a comm program from Linux, and then execute "./term" (not in the
background) from the Sun shell prompt.  I then break out of my comm program
and execute this (as myself, not root): "./term </dev/modem >/dev/modem &".

Everything is fine at this point, but then when I run trsh to get a remote
shell prompt, nothing happens.  I get local echoing, but nothing else.

I do know at least that term is communicating with the serial line because
I forgot to kill it at one point (when I was giving up) and loaded up my
comm program and about half of my character were not being received by it.
When I finally killed term, the comm program finally worked properly.

Thanks for any help.


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1. term 1.08 && v.42bis => !work

I've use term happily for several months with a clean 2400 bps connection
(no escapes, id est), and recently discovered that the modems I connect to
can support v.42bis, which should at least slightly improve my throughput.
I'm using v.42bis now without term.

I tried using term, but I've failed to make it work. I know term 1.08
defaults to 2400 bps, and I'd set the interface speed to 19.2k on my modem,
so I started term on the remote end with no flags and then jumped back and
used 'term -s 19200 >/dev/modem </dev/modem'. trsh just gave me noise, and
when I'd try to reconnect and 000000-out of the remote end, it'd be locked up.
When I try to dial back into that modem, I get a long, never-ending string of

I've tried several different interface speeds, including 9600 and 4800,
and started term at those speeds on the remote end each time. All for nought.
All it seems to do is lock up a modem (our terminal server is stupid). The
odd thing is that using the connection without term is very clean and
workable. Noticeably faster than with v.42bis.

Is there some way to change the default interface speed in linux for the modem
device? I think this must have ought to do with it, as you can copy things
to /dev/modem and they always seemed to go out fine at 2400 bps, but I know
that has to be set somewhere. Where? How do I change it? And why does term
seem to lock up on the remote end with the 0's?

Thanks. Reply here or via email.

 - Mark

Mark R. Lindsey          [][] South Georgia Digital Research Institute

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