gated & routed?

gated & routed?

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I am seeking an introductory level explanation of the use of routed
& gated to connect machines through my linux box to the rest of the

Here's my configuration:  I have a linux box with a static
IP dialup PPP connection to a xyplex terminal server on the net.  
Also, I have a 3c509 eth0 card installed, connected to another machine
running dos/win with pc/tcp as it's networking software.  

How do I configure my linux box to act as a gateway for my dos box
to get to the rest of the net?  Just a brief explanation would be
great, I can research the rest, I just need to know where to start!

Please e-mail...and THANKS!

Paul T. McIntire
Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication Systems



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I am very new to SCO and need some help.

# uname -a
SCO_SV cti3 3.2 2 i386

How do I stop routed from running and make a default route?  I'm
guessing it's with gated.conf, but I can't figure out the syntax.
What do I put in gated.conf to add one default route?

T. Dixon
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