VGA with Mono VGA monitor problem

VGA with Mono VGA monitor problem

Post by Atsawin Ch. Kritsanak » Thu, 01 Sep 1994 04:29:29

Hello, there.

        I have been setting up linux at Computer Club Falcuty of
Engineering KMITL, Thailand for nearly a year. My spec is 386DX-33,
8MB RAM, 420MB HDD, Trident 8800 VGA with Monochrome VGA Monitor.
It runs OK. But when I change video card to Trident 8900, the card
recognize that it connected to Monochrome monitor. So it send Black
and White mode display. My question is, Can I change it to Colors
Mode? On DOS system, I use C:\>mode co80 command to change. But
on Linux, I not found...
        Thanks in advance.



1. Xconfig for Oak VGA w/256k, and CTX VGA Monitor

This video configuration is only temporary, but I would like to get X
working with an Oak VGA chipset w/256k and a CTX Interlaced VGA monitor.
I used and modified a sample Xconfig file from slackware 1.1.0
(Xconfig.18).  At first, I got an error about clocking, and then I made
a change and now I get a high pitch sound, and the screen has some lines
through it.

My configuration is:
   386DX-25,8MB of RAM, 100MB HD.

Thank you...
Farrad Ali
Governors State University

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