TAR and File Archiving

TAR and File Archiving

Post by Cerber » Sat, 21 Jan 1995 00:38:24

I'm attempting to use the TAR and GZIP utilities to be able to compress
and archive files onto a floppy disk.  I am running into problems agetting
tar to break up the volumes into ~2 meg chunks so gzip can compress
them to fit onto a floppy.

Does anyone know the syntax I would use for turniung
/usr/X11R6/* into aan archive that would fit on floppies (1.44MB)

I tried
tar cfML /dev/FD0H1440 XF31.tar *
but, it only gave me an error message.  

If anyone has experience working with this program, please drop me a piece
of e-mail.  

Thanks in advance



1. Extracting files with tar and uncompress fails with tar: Archive - EOF not on block boundary


Two(2) tared then compressed files were created using the following in
a directory where there are a few hundred files on a Sun Solaris 2.6

tar -cvf - [a-k]* 2> /tq03/backup/backup_$dd/data_ltoz.log$dd | \
  compress -cf > /tq03/backup/backup_$dd/data_ltoz_$dd.$SID.Z

tar -cvf - [l-z]* 2> /tq03/backup/backup_$dd/data_ltoz.log$dd | \
  compress -cf > /tq03/backup/backup_$dd/data_ltoz_$dd.$SID.Z

I run the following commands to extract the files on a different
server (still Solaris 2.6) in a different directory than the files are

uncompress -cf /tq01/clone_source/oradata/data_atok_020202.prod.Z |
tar xvf –

uncompress -cf /tq01/clone_source/oradata/data_ltoz_020202.prod.Z |
tar xvf –

The first is successfully extracted but during the 2nd extract of the
following error is returned:

Several files successfully extracted…
tar: Archive - EOF not on block boundary
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Does anyone have any ideas on how to extract the files?  I am thinking
data_ltoz_020202.prod.Z is corrupt, hope not but have not found
another reason for the error.  Ran tar tzvf data_ltoz_020202.prod.Z
and get the same error.

Tad Stephens

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