$20 digital sound

$20 digital sound

Post by Mathew Suffi » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 08:32:43

          After downloading the pcsnd console patch I realized that
this patch also gave you the ability to play sounds through a lp port
to a dac. I built the cheapest one mentioned in hadware.doc, that
consists of 20 resistors and some connectors. It came to about $20
Canadian. It does not require an external power source, and sounds a
notch or two under the quality of an amiga. I have found that most
utilities play properly using this patch. Some things that work are
Sox, tracker, str, and vplay. I am having a lot of trouble getting
nas (network audio server) to work, serving my localhost. Does anyone
know about this problem or of any good sound software for linux that
works with pcsnd ?



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