'nenscript' works once per boot?

'nenscript' works once per boot?

Post by Wayne Stidol » Mon, 23 May 1994 11:10:28

I have a Postscript-clone laser (Bezier, running the TrueImage ver 1.1
interpreter, if that matters) that works fine with my Slackware 1.2
system (right off the TransAmerica CD, formatted disk for install). I
can 'lpr' postscript files to it all day long. I can use 'nenscript' to
make a postscript file that I can print using 'lpr.' I can even just let
nenscript find the printer on its own...that works, one time per boot.
But, nenscript goofs up my printer somehow!

Once I have let nenscript print to the printer one time, thereafter
I get either no output at all (I see the lpr'ed jon with lpq for a
*very* short period of time, then it's back to 'no entries' and no
output at all...) of, even weirder, blank pages. Exactly the right
number of pages, mind you!

I did an experiment: I nenscripted a file, sent it to a file "A.ps" then
lpr'ed "A.ps" - got printout. Repeated the lpr, got printout. Then,
I nenscripted the same file to another printout file - "B.ps"

A.ps and B.ps are identical, except for the embedded creation date.

I then let nenscript print the original file to the printer - blank pages...
then 'lpr' B.ps, and get blank pages! Annoyed, I now lpr'ed A.ps, three
times. No output at all - this printer appears to be down until I reboot :(



  PS - nenscript v1.13++ US version. The output files do have EOF and
  trailer at the end.

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