driver installation help

driver installation help

Post by darre » Thu, 06 Dec 2001 21:47:52

Dear All,

I have just downloaded newer copies of airo.c and airo_cs.c and would like
to have them installed.

How do I install them? I just copy them into
/usr/src/linux-2.4.7-10/drivers/net/wireless, and then re-compile the whole
kernel, then make bzImage + make modules and modules_install?

I did not managed to start up after doing that...but its not the fault of
the airo.c drivers...rather some other things...

Ques: How do I maintain the rest of the settings while I "reinstall"

Via the PCMCIA method, is configuring and then making+installing the PCMCIA
source after copying the new drivers into the newly unzipped pcmcia
directory all I need to do?...or do I also need to re-compile my kernel?

Sorry for asking so many newbie questions.



1. Mitsumi CD-ROM driver installation help needed

I'm running Slackware 2.2.0 and I've just upgraded the kernel from 1.2.8
to 1.2.11.  The upgrade seems to work fine except for one message I get
at bootup which I don't like and don't know how to fix.  I specifically
answered yes to iso9660 support when I compiled, but every time I reboot
I still see the message 'mount: fs iso9660 not supported by this filesystem'
What filesystem do I need?

Also, temporarily putting aside that problem, I decided to attempt and
install the CD-ROM driver.  I decided to start with the
mitsumi-fast.tar.gz file but I couldn't find any documentation on how to
install these, so I guessed.  I un-archived it so that the two source
files went into the appropriate directories with the kernel source code,
overwriting the mitsumi drivers that were in there.  Then I recompiled the
kernel, answering yes to IDE/ATAPI CDROM support and ISO9660 support, and
selected the default mitsumi drive when asked what type of cdrom I had.  
This normally wouldn't be the right one to choose since it's not ATAPI, but
since I overwrote the old source files, I did it.  To shorten things up,
compiling bombed out when it got to the cdrom drivers.  Obviously I guessed
wrong, so could someone tell me how to install these or where to look for
the documentation?


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