Post by Daniel Panca » Tue, 08 Nov 1994 01:33:10

Ok, after days of trying on my own, it's time to ask.

What I really need is a PPP-Linux-HOWTO

Im trying to setup the following network:

WinSock 2.0          Linux 1.1.59        Inet Server    
   |                      |                  |
+-----+  PPP link(s)  X+-----+  PPP Link  +-----+
|  A  |X--------------X|  B  |X----------X|  C  |--->Internet
+-----+               X+-----+            +-----+

X - Modems

Machine A - One of a 100(s) dynamic dialup PC's running winsock PPP...
Machine B - Linux Server with a MultiPort(16) and 1 PPP link to C
Machine C - Internet server with T1 links...

I have pppd installed on Machine B and talking to
Machine A (sometimes)

I looking for any help configuring the following files:

/etc/passwd            <--- adding PPP users

I'm currently having problems with dppp not releasing the port after the
modem disconnects (a config problem im sure)

I'm getting close (I think!)




Post by Terry Daws » Sun, 13 Nov 1994 16:40:57

>/etc/passwd            <--- adding PPP users

What you need is a copy of Olaf Kirch's Network Administrators Guide
and the documentation that comes with the ppp package.

They are availabel on sunsite.unc.edu




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I'm getting ready to install all three of these OS's on my machine and
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no, it doesn't seem to be on any of the web pages, probably cuz it's
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If anyone has a copy they can mail me or just tell me where to find it
I'd appreciate it.

If anyone wants to give me some advice on partitioning/installing I'll
take it!  I can't be the only foo--er, fella who's thought about/actually
done this...can I?

thanks much!


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