Key mapping problem with xdm

Key mapping problem with xdm

Post by The Renaissance M » Sat, 30 Apr 1994 11:31:15

After a little bit of trial and error, I've managed to get xdm set up
mostly to my satisfaction, except for one very odd thing, as follows:

If I start X (XFree86 v2.1) using xstart, everything is fine, and all my
xterms work perfectly.   However, if I start X using xdm, some of my
keyboard mappings get hosed; particularly, backspace seems to get
remapped to something that cancels the current line in any xterm.  (Oddly
enough, xev doesn't show anything out of the ordinary; it still sees
the backspace key as sending DEL.)

Anyone have any insights?

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1. xdm and xterm key mapping problems


I am a new linux user, and have almost everything working ok.  I am running
Slackware v1.2 (kernel 1.08 with Xfree 2.1).

I think "xdm"  is mucking with various keyboard mappings.  "xterm" manages to
reset the keyboard to its proper working condition, however, "color_xterm"
seems to have much more trouble.  "color_xterm" ends up with the xterm keys
for "intr", "erase" and others being defined incorrectly.  If I run "startx"
instead of "xdm", then all is fine (it is probably taking the settings from
the console terminal it is started from).  Placing entries in the ".profile"
doesn't seem to have any useful effect on "color_xterm" settings either.  Any
work arounds out there?

Also, I like the key mappings of the console sessions (especially the  HOME
and END keys).  Is there any way to apply these to ans xterm session.  In an
xterm session, HOME and END just tend to beep, in fact far to many things tend
to beep (I really don't like all this beeping).  Any ideas?  Is it possible to
play a real sound (ie. from soundcard) when an xterm or anything else would
normally make an irritating beep?

Thanks in advance - This is a really really nifty OS.


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