'host' command not using /etc/hosts?

'host' command not using /etc/hosts?

Post by Steve Chauv » Mon, 05 Sep 1994 05:40:00

I have several hostnames and addresses in /etc/hosts.  I can telnet and
ping to these hostnames no problem.  However, the 'host' command does
not recognize the hostnames.  I am not connected to a dns at this point,
nor am I running named (I think).

Doesn't the host command basically call gethostbyname()?  I wrote a
simple program and gethostbyname() returns the addresses ok.

I've tried switching the "order bind, hosts" line in host.conf, no change.
What's the problem here?

Thanks much.

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1. Now that resolver is used, mail ignores 'mailhost' in /etc/hosts

System: Sun 3/160 running SunOS 4.1, *no* YP

I had been having problems getting ftp, telnet, finger, etc. to use the
nameserver.  I received a suggestion to rebuild /usr/lib/libc.so with
the inclusion of some .o's from libresolv.a.  This worked pretty well;
all address resolution was now done through the nameserver.  Unfortunately,
this makes /etc/hosts completely ignored.  Its not *that* intolerable,
but the /etc/hosts contained some convenient nicknames for local machines
that the resolver doesn't know about.  C'est la vie.

Worse, however, is the fact that sendmail no longer knows what 'mailhost'
is.  Outgoing mail is completely dead with regards to non-local sites.
Am I doing something wrong, or are there some changes that I need to make
in sendmail.cf?


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