file transfer with Seyon - help?

file transfer with Seyon - help?

Post by ome » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 10:40:44

 How do I use rz/sz with Seyon to transfer files... The best I usually
get is a 'redirecting I/O' type of a msg, and then nothing happens
until one end times out... I tried looking at the Seyon man page,
but that wasn't all that informative, and I couldn't find a
man page for rz/sz. help! Is there an faq/howto which might include this?

This is basic, so email will be appreciated, as opposed to followup posts
(I'll forward response(s) to anyone who's interested). Thanks!


P.s. it's an internal 14.4 modem; uart set to 16550A with setserial, and
I have no problems dialing out with it; only when I actually want to
transfer files, I have to boot up OS/2... Thanks....