ECU comm package -- are there docs?

ECU comm package -- are there docs?

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I recently downloaded the ECU communications software from
(/pub/Linux/apps/comm/ecu3.24bin.tgz) and was wondering if there is any kind of
manual, FAQ, or ANY kind of documentation that anyone's heard of to get me
going.  There is only limited documenation included in the package.  My main
problems are that I can't even start up a dialing directory, and I can't get
back to the command line once I log off a remote system.  Plus I can only use
it as root.  This is probably my own stupity, but please don't flame me.
BTW, has anyone tried the PROCOMM-ish comm package, also at sunsite?  Looks
like I may have to very soon... :)

Thank you again for your support.


1. WANTED: 'ecu' comm program compiled and ready to run.

I recently found a communications program in the unix archives called
ecu.  It looks good, but it comes in THIRTY (!) shell script files,
plus patches.  Rather than edit each of these files individually to
prep them for /bin/sh, could someone help me by sending me or telling
me where to find either:

1) ecu, in fully functional compiled form or
2) a program that will take a file with a shell script in it and edit
it so that /bin/sh can deal with it


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