Help with TI 3025 RAMDAC.

Help with TI 3025 RAMDAC.

Post by Richard Uye » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 10:31:04

I have a #9GXE 64 Pro card with 2Mb VRAM.  The card has a 86C964-P CPU with
a TI Viewpoint PTVP3025-175MDN RAMDAC.  I need to know how to set the clocks
value in the s3.c program.

BTW, does anybody have a server already compiled that will work with this
card??  (HOPE, HOPE!!)

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That sounds right to me.  You need version 3.1.2, or later, of XFree86
and I've heard you may need to add something like
     option "diamond"
to the Device section to correct a problem with the screen wrapping.
Since you didn't get what you asked for, hopefully you only spent the
~$270 that the 175MHz ones should go for and not the ~$325 they want
for the 220MHz version.

Don Dettke,  Software Engineering Consultant

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