Are there XIRCOM PCMCIA drivers for Linux?

Are there XIRCOM PCMCIA drivers for Linux?

Post by Aris Stathak » Sat, 30 Jul 1994 23:16:45

The title says it all.  I'd like to run Linux on my notebook computer.


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Are there XIRCOM PCMCIA drivers for Linux?

Post by Ron Smi » Sun, 31 Jul 1994 20:27:11

    Aris> The title says it all.  I'd like to run Linux on my notebook
    Aris> computer.  Aris

No, Xircom will only supply programming information if you sign a
non-disclosure argreement. This would mean that you cannot distribute
the driver you make

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1. Linux Driver for Xircom CEM56 PCMCIA card

I have Redhat 5.1 running on an old 486 PC, linked to a "network" of a
WinNT workstation and an NEC laptop running Win95.

I would like to try Linux on the laptop, but have not done so because of
the lack of support for the Xircom CEM56 ethernet/modem card in Linux.
Older FAQ's state that because of Xircom's secretive policy, there was no
support. The newest FAQ with Redhat 5.1 said that this had changed and
Xircom were now making details available. But still no drivers.

Recently, I saw a news article which refered to a driver for the CEM56, but
there was no mention of where it came from. Can someone please let me know
where this driver can be found ?

Juris Masinskas

Melbourne PC Users Group

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