__IO_stderr_ missing with dyn. lib 4.6.27 and gcc 2.6.2

__IO_stderr_ missing with dyn. lib 4.6.27 and gcc 2.6.2

Post by Michel Ande » Mon, 06 Feb 1995 21:09:13

ever since i installed libc4.6.27 and friends and upgraded gcc to 2.6.2,
the linker complains about the fact that __IO_stderr_ is referenced from
the text segment everytime i use stderr in my C-source. The same happens
for stdin and stdout, but only if i refer to those symbols explicitly, i.e.
fprintf(stderr,"fdytfdtf");  does give an error, whereas
printf("sssss");             does not.

The strange part is that this does NOT happen if i link statically.

I checked <stdio.h> and <libio.h> but to no avail, as should because it
seems to be a linker error: those __IO_stdxxx_ are external so they should
be in the libs or in cr0.o.

Does anyone have a clue?

Regards, Michel.


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I have the same problem but with 4.5.26. I run 4.4 now and have
installed all 4.5-files(I have copied all the files from a machine
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library, but it still uses 4.4. Anyone?


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