X can't start - no "fixed" font.

X can't start - no "fixed" font.

Post by Juan » Wed, 27 Jul 1994 23:52:59

I am using the old SLS release 1.03 of Linux 0.99. Using XF86 v1.3
I think (or is it 2.0?)

Anyway, I can't seem to start it with "startx" because it says that it
can't locate my "fixed" font in the font paths. My font paths are there
but the fixed font is not in the fontpath. Is there a way to use a substitue
font instead? Where would one specify this(Xdefaults?).



1. X won't start "could not find font 'fixed'"


I just reinstalled Solaris 8 on a new Blade 100.  When the system boots
I get an error that it can't connect to display:0, and X won't start.  

When I try to run xinit at the command line I get and fatal server error
that the font 'fixed' could not be found.  All of the fontpaths appear
to be setup correctly.

Also, when I try to start xfs at the command line I get another fatal
error saying that No listening sockets established, ListenTransCount=0
errno=125.  fsadmin tells me that xfs is set to startup from inetd...

Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this?  I'm starting to rip my
hair out...


Adhamh Findlay

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