iBCS2 success and gotchas...?

iBCS2 success and gotchas...?

Post by 6848.. » Thu, 29 Sep 1994 02:09:05

I have both linux and coherent on my hard disk.  I installed lpicobol
on coherent and compiled and linked it.  lpicobol was made for sysV release 3.
Well, the funny thing is, that when I mounted the coherent partition
I was able to run the cobol program under linux.

For example:
mount -t sysv /dev/hda1 /mnt
followed by
insmod iBCS2
followed by
cd /mnt
hellocob (name of the lpicobol binary)

Well, I'm impressed by iBCS2.  You guys are awesome.  I have one question
though.  Why is it that when I compile c programs under coherent, they
won't run, they produce a segmentation fault.  What is the difference
between a compiled C program and a compiled lpicobol program?

Do you suppose coherent isn't ibcs2 format?

Maybe it uses shared libraries?  Any ideas?  Is there a gcc flag
that I can use to try to make the output what iBCS2 will recognize
as sysV?

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