null-modem SLIP between two linux boxes

null-modem SLIP between two linux boxes

Post by Mr KAA. Smi » Tue, 02 Nov 1993 01:01:09

G'day all,
  I don't have many hairs left at all.....for weeks I've been trying to
  SLIP or PLIP these two linux boxes together by null modem/parallel.

  The cables are fine, I have tested them both.

  Machine1 (luscious): localhost luscious sixty

Machine2 (sixty): localhost luscious sixty

        both machines have a /etc/networks file with: localnet

        on bootup, I run dip on machine2:
        get $local luscious
        get $remote sixty
        get $mtu 1500
        port cua0
        speed 19200
        mode SLIP

        the first thing I get is network unreachable

        the question is, how do you give yourself an IP address of something
        other than

        I can't ifconfig lo luscious because localhost is using that device.

        ANY hints at all, I really would like to get this going...



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I actually pulled it off. After about 2 months of research and various
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