Slow slow connection over 14.4 dip/slip 19.2

Slow slow connection over 14.4 dip/slip 19.2

Post by Carlos Per » Sun, 19 Feb 1995 14:39:03

: I am running (slackware) Linux 1.1.59 and am certainly new at this.  I
: have connected via dip with my script.  My first outing onto the internet was
: to sunsite via ftp.  Just to get to the end of the anonymous login screen took
: nearly 10 minutes!  My machine is 486DX2/66.  The necesasry software
: seems to be installed, as the necesary protocols are running.  The line settings
: are at 19200 (above the spped that the 14.4 modem is connecting)  The
: DNS server is my internet provider's and specified so.  I am sure I have done
: something wrong and/or am missing something, as I have a queasy feeling
: that I am seriously behind in my version, patches, etc.
: I don't need quickfixes, and I'm trying to read every damn thing that has
: the word Linux in it, although the whole thing is getting a bit swimmy.
: I didn't come across this problem in the 600+ articles I read today,
: so any info would be truly appreciated.

: NetPress Co.
: (personal)

Could be the 'net was slow that day?  Try:

    traceroute    (or your favorite host)

and see if things are backing up on the network.  From what I've seen,
the network quickly saturates (is your service provider running
anything slower than 56Kb frame relay)?

Traffic jams on the information superhighway. ;-)

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