XFree86 + Stealth 24 VLB (NOT Pro)

XFree86 + Stealth 24 VLB (NOT Pro)

Post by Tero Moland » Wed, 08 Jun 1994 15:03:17


Okay, so you've seen this question at least a hundred times already BUT I am
stuck with this card and I just can't help it (I didn't know anything about
Linux or XFree86 at the time so I bought it :(. I've read Diamond.FAQ from
sunsite.unc.edu but the info in it is  O L D (before XFree86 2.0 release). I
have read this newsgroup but have found solutions only for Diamond Stealth Pro

Have anyone out there latest info how to make XFree86 2.1 and Stealth 24 VLB
to work. Clock programs, Xconfig files... anything. Aaargghhhh!

- Desperate and f...ing mad (thanks a lot f...ing you know who)

  Tero M.


1. XFree86 2.X and Stealth 24 VLB [survey]

: hi.

: im taking a survey of people who have managed to get the Stealth 24 VLB card
: to work with XFree86 2.x; mostly 2.1.1.  id like to know which servers and
: modes work and what the contents of your Xconfig are as well as any companion
: clock setting programs you may have had to use.

: the reasons im asking this are 1) i want to know my options for my work
: computer. [currently running the 16colour server at 800x600] and 2) id like
: to see how it will apply to the upcoming 3.1 release.

: thanx for taking the time to do this,

Bob, I'm afraid I can't give you those details because I'm one of the poor
unfortunates who HASN'T GOT HIS STEALTH 24 VLB TO WORK (pounds fist on desk).

But I would be real interested in any info you can gather. Will you be posting
your results?? If so, PLEASE post it in comp.windows.x.i386unix as well as here
as it's much easier to spot a post amongst 50 as opposed to 500! (yes, I'm pro
If not, could could you e-mail me any results you get??

I would be very grateful, as this problem is driving me CRAZY.


Jason D

Jason Dinsdale              | Redrock Consultants Ltd,


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