sound card trouble

sound card trouble

Post by steven will » Tue, 18 Oct 1994 16:01:19

i have a problem with my sound card support. the situation is that it is a
generic sound blaster compatible card that does not have any hardware level
jumper settings, ie. it must be soft configured everytime the system is booted.
this is fine under dos, just have the autoexec.bat run the little init program.
but, under linux, it seems that linux doesn't want to recognize it. what is
happening is that each time i boot i can get the first second of just about
any sound file, then nothing else. in order to get more, i have to reboot,
but, then i just get that same first second...
the sound card is a 7168VMD(Media Chips 16-bit Audio Controller).(quoing the
minimal documentation.) is there a patch that supports this kind of card? if so
where is it? if not are there plans to support this kind of card?


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I'm trying to get OSS to work with my Aztech 2316/R card. Now, OSS
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soundconf and then soundon, no DSP devices are enabled. MIDI, mixer and
others work fine just no DSP.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?


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