new machine

new machine

Post by Henry Bel » Sat, 22 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I'd very much like to have a crack at installing and using linux, and
intend to purchase a new system specifically for this.  I would very much
appreciate any ideas, recommendations or things to avoid with regards to
compatability and ease of installation, or any other gems you feel I
should not be without....




1. Old machine Tomcat+SSL, new machine Apache+SSL - new certificates needed?

A new customer of ours uses Tomcat+SSL on their current machine.
I've set up a new machine for them using Apache+SSL, however I'm
unclear about migrating certificates.  Is that possible or do I have to
go back to the CA and generate a new set?  I don't see anything like
server.crt and server.key in their Tomcat+SSL setup.  It has .csr and
.cer files.


Skip Montanaro

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