Funny Problems with Mitsumi FX001D

Funny Problems with Mitsumi FX001D

Post by Florian Wagn » Wed, 08 Jun 1994 18:07:48

I have a problem with my Mitsumi FX001D. If I mount a cdrom with a
capacity <540MB I have no problems. Trying to mount a cdrom with
higher capacity (~635MB) the cdrom-drive causes problems. After
several tries mounting succeeds. A lot of messages appear in
random order like :
can't read superblock, data time out, no such device, /dev/mcd
already mounted or busy.
I'm sorry, I don't remember the messages exactly.
Reading from the cdrom takes sometimes a lot of time.
Most of the time it needs 5 retries to access the data.
Is this a problem of my hardware or of the kernel(1.1.18)?
The Mitsumi-drive is connected to a Soundblaster16-ASP-MultiCD.
DMA:7 IRQ:11.
The drive is correctly recognized by the kernel during boot.
'cat /proc/dev' tells me that the device 'mcd' exists.
I created the device with 'mknod /dev/mcd b 23 0'.
I mount with 'mount -t iso9660 /dev/mcd /cdrom'.  
'/cdrom' is a directory.
Thanks for any help.



1. Mitsumi FX001D - no boot disk works - solved the problem!

In a previous post, I wrote that neither mitsumi nor amitsumi would recoginize
my CD drive, with or without boot parameters. To the people that emailed me
with suggestions, thanks. Apparently, some Mitsumi drives are OK with the
current boot disk images, and others are not.

Since Red Hat's boot/image found the CD, I first tried the suggestion to
install Slackware from Red Hat. After much frustration, I gave that up. Each
distribution expects the CD and the target Linux partition to be in hard to
figure out places. Plus, I had to keep adding directories into the PATH to see
the correct programs, often causing other anomolies.

The suggestion to load Slackware from a DOS partition, just enough of it to be
able to build a new kernel, worked great :). Specifying Mitsumi and ISO9660
support when configuring the kernel work fine to see my CD.

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