uulog command ?

uulog command ?

Post by Michael J » Sun, 09 Oct 1994 05:43:13

Is there a command similar to uulog which gives you the uucico log for
the specified system?

Thanks.  (I'm running Slackware 1.1.18 #5 using Taylor UUCP).


uulog command ?

Post by Spencer PriceNa » Tue, 11 Oct 1994 16:40:09

>Ce brave Michael Jay ecrit:
>> Is there a command similar to uulog which gives you the uucico log for
>> the specified system?
>uulog is part of Taylor UUCP 1.05.

Hm.  I wuz cheated.  Rolled my own.

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1. Taylor uucp & uulog time

Guess this should be really addressed to the appropriate ng., however my
selection is very limited, so I have to post here.. if it needs follow-up
with other group, please cc: me a copy..  

Noticed lately (maybe I've just discovered it after year?) that if I force
a uucp connection to my host, the log is written in utc, vs. eastern
(daylight/standard) time.  However, if cron does its thing via
/usr/lib/uucp/Poll (as with HDB format) it writes the log in system time.

Why come?  Any env need changing?    

BTW, 2.1.0-R, Taylor uucp config with HDB stuff..  

It matters not, really, but bugs me to look at a logfile and see a 6 hour
jump in log entries, then back to "normal"



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