Newbie: CONFIGURE'd boot floppy - won't boot

Newbie: CONFIGURE'd boot floppy - won't boot

Post by Gerard L Lano » Sat, 10 Sep 1994 02:12:04

I successfully performed a UMSDOS install of the Slackware distribution
(from floppy disks A,AP,Q,U) on my laptop:
   Epson 4SLC/25  (486 25MHz)
   4Mb RAM
   120 MB HD

After the installation completed, it prompted me to create a boot floppy,
which I did (and have re-tried several times, but to no avail).

This boot floppy does not boot - the computer goes through the POST, spins
the floppy once, then just sits there dead in the water.

BTW, I formatted this floppy under DOS both with and without /S;  it didn't
make any difference.

BTW also, I am trying to use the idekern kernel (at least until I can get
a regular boot off my boot floppy).

Any ideas?  The Installation-HOWTO isn't very specific about this kind of

Question:  If I were to boot using the installation boot/root disks, and
           did an "ls" on this troubled boot floppy, what (if anything)
           should I see?

Many thanks!



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Any ideas???



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