Installing Mandrake from pcmcia Adaptec 1460 card w/ SCSI cd-rom (works in RedHat!)

Installing Mandrake from pcmcia Adaptec 1460 card w/ SCSI cd-rom (works in RedHat!)

Post by Jeremy Wel » Mon, 19 Aug 2002 11:21:26

I have a laptop whose internal CD-ROM drive does not like to read
CD-Rs. This problem makes it somewhat difficult to do a Linux install.
I have an Adaptec 1460c pcmcia SCSI card, however, connected to an HP
m840e external SCSI CD-R. I am able to boot from a floppy and install
RedHat 7.3 without any problems from the SCSI CD-R. RedHat uses two
floppies to do this: one loads the kernel and interface and the other
floppy loads the drivers.

I have tried to do the same thing with Mandrake 8.2 without success. I
have attempted to boot from the pcmcia, cd-rom, network, and "other"
floppy images provided on the install CD-ROM. None of them allow me to
have access to the SCSI CD-R. The pcmcia boot floppy presents the
option for loading the aha_152x driver, but selecting it does nothing.

I rather like Mandrake and would like to get it installed instead of
RedHat. Is there an easy way to accomplish this without having to
compile a new custom kernel and edit a million configuration files? I
have this dream of only spending a few days getting this thing working
instead of a few weeks.




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I'm trying to install Linux 1.2.13 from the CD accompanying the
O'Reilly Linux books.

I've followed the install instructions to the point where it's
looking to install stuff off the CD-ROM but complains that it can't
find the CD-ROM. ( SCSI card is Adaptec 2940)

I've tried boot0033.img and boot0035.img without success. The doco
refers to a aha274x device driver for the card but it's unclear from
the RedHat doco which of the 19 or so images has that driver (sigh).

Any ideas ? I've browsed the readme's without enlightenment.

My clone is PCI-based. DOS/Windows can access the CD-ROM OK.

- Gary

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