Looking for a Motherboard to run Linux...

Looking for a Motherboard to run Linux...

Post by Eduardo Corre » Fri, 01 Apr 1994 02:17:15


        I am in the process in buying a New Motherboard to run
Linux... Someone offered me the following :

A Tyan 486 EISA/VESA motherboard which has Pentium P24-T ZIF socket
that takes any 486, should support dx4 w/ a voltage adapter socket, 2
VESA slots, 8 EISA slots (6 bus mastering), jumpered cpu clock speed
settings, cache size up to 1MB, comes w/ 256k cache, takes up to 256M
w/ 16 30 pin simm slots, SIS chipset, Dallas real time clock onboard,

        Has anyone used Linux in a such a Board or similar one ??? Do
you think that the new Intel DX4 would run Linux with no problem ???
Is the price of $715 for Board + DX2-66 a good price ???

        I have also heard rumours that with the coming of the Pentium
DX4 and PCI in force in April we should see a sharp drop in prices for
the DX2-66 and for the EISA motherboards... Do you think I shoud wait
one or two more weeks ???

        I am open to any sugestions to other EISA/VLB DX2-66
Motherboards that anyone have tried with Linux and is happy with...
        The capability to support the new Intel DX4 is important and
if anyone has already tried such a configuration the sharing of their
experience would be highly appreciated 8-)

Please answer by E-mail because my News server is very slow in
receiving new articles... I will gladly repost the relevant answers I
happen to receive to this question ;-)

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Well, look at the first few lines off the root Makefile:-

# For SMP kernels, set this. We don't want to have this in the config
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