Printing under Linux...

Printing under Linux...

Post by Mark Faulkn » Tue, 28 Mar 1995 23:49:57

:      I am having a problem getting my Okidata OL400e (HPII compatible)
: laser printer working properly under Linux.  I am trying to get lpd
: properly configured.  The printcap (/etc/printcap) seems to be correct with
: nothing too outrageous (I am using the default HP II printcap that comes
: with the Slackware dist'n).  When I do an "lpc stat", it reports the
: printer properly, but says "daemon not running" even though it's listed
: when I do a ps.  It also reports of spooled files as it should.  When I do
: a "lpc restart", it says "no daemon running to stop, daemon started" and
: then doing an "lpc stat" still reports the daemon not running.

:      Everything works when I do a simple redirection of text to /dev/lp1,
: so I know the printer is attached and working as it should.  Does anybody
: have any ideas what I should be looking for?  I've studied the Linux
: Printing HOWTO to no avail.  I am using kernel 1.1.81.

Check the permissions of the filter script (needs to be executable).  

: Mike.

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