Problem with mounting Mitsumi FX001D CD-ROM during installation of Slackware 2.0

Problem with mounting Mitsumi FX001D CD-ROM during installation of Slackware 2.0

Post by Konstantin Kost » Sat, 10 Sep 1994 01:49:12

I am sorry if this has already been discussed in the newgroup.

So, I have a Mitsumi FX001D double speed CD-ROM drive and am trying to
install Slackware 2.0 from it. However the drive isn't recognized
initially (0 CD-ROM drives detected) when booting, and later the SETUP
program gives me "error attempting to mount the CD-ROM drive".
The drive uses I/O address 0x300, IRQ 10, and DMA 5. I tried changing
the IRQ to the other possible values- 9,11 ..., but this doesn't help.
The kernel version on the boot disk is 1.0.9.
I also tried to force the hardware detection at the ramdisk level, but
I do not know exactly what to input there.
The mcd.h file on the CD-ROM has exactly 0x300 and IRQ 10 set, but I do
not what the kernel in the boot floppy has.

Does anyone know is model of Mitsumi is compatible? Maybe I just need
a boot disk with a newer version of the kernel?
Else I have to copy stuff to the DOS partition and install from there,
but I would prefer to get another CD-ROM drive if this one isn't compatible.

Thanks very much to anyone who responds



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Regards, JP.

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