term.mailerd+smail - help pls

term.mailerd+smail - help pls

Post by Bill McCart » Sat, 03 Dec 1994 10:55:41


I'm trying to set up mail via term and so I got term.mailerd+smail.
Tried to make it and got an error

sys/ttycom.h no such file or directory

and the make halted. Ummm, do I need to get/compile smail first? I'd
really like to have local mail via term. Any suggestions/pointers? I
did a find -name ttycom.h and got nothing. TIA.

Bill McCarthy

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1. mailerd.smail: An updated mailer package for TERM users

After repeated requests I have finally gotten around to packaging up an
updated term+mail package for term users. The package contains the following:

- mailerd: a daemon that watches for incoming mail a transfers it to a remote
           machine via term. New features include true daemon operation,
           term server and mailerd existance checks, and logging.

- tmail  : a program invoked by mailerd when mail is delivered to the remote
           machine that copies the mail into the spool file.

Also in the package is a file that describes how to set up an smail service
to an Internet connected machine via term.

I use the tools in the package to set up a complete mail system via term.
All mail at my internet box is delivered to my home machine when that machine
is connected via term. Also any remote mail from my machine is uploaded to
the Internet box for delivery.

Hope you find it useful.

One last note: would the original author (named mykes) please identify
yourself so that your work can be properly recognized.

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