Zenith Personal Server

Zenith Personal Server

Post by Michael S. A » Sat, 30 Apr 1994 11:08:54

1/2 dozen of us here in the dorms have a 10Base2 network being shared by
Windows for Workgroups, OS/2, and Linux.

I'm thinking of adding a Zenith Personal Server, running Novel's
"netware" (or was it "Personal Netware").  Anyway, I'm curious how it
would get along with the others, especially the Linux boxes.

Any and all responses welcome.




1. Micron vs Zenith P90 (what's a Zenith?)

I have a choice between a Micron P90PCI and a "comparable" Zenith
system, which I hope to use for linux and DOS/Windows, and which I
want to have some longevity (I'm moving up from an AT&T 3b1!).  The
Zenith system is apparently much more expensive, but my College is
willing to spend more on a Zenith, for reasons having to do with
standardization or something.  Anyway, I haven't heard anything about
Zenith's P90 systems, and I would be very happy to hear anything you
might know about reasons to go with one over the other.  The specs are
as follows:

Both Systems:

        Micron:                         Zenith:

 512K Cache 15ns write-back SRAM     256K L2 write-back
 Diamond Stealth 64 2MB DRAM PCI     ATI Mach 64 2MB VRAM
 Mini-Tower Case 4ISA,2PCI,1comb     Desktop 2ISA,1PCI,1comb
 Intel Neptune PCI                   ???
 ???                                 Upgradeable to Overdrive
 GE on-site 4year warrantee          UM Campus service deal
 (college-supplied ethernet board)   "Built-in" AUI,10bT,10b2

Many thanks for any advice.


Dept. of Philosophy             (313) 936-4933
University of Michigan          home: 994-0386
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-1009         fax: 763-8071

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