Adding SCSI adapter causes 2nd IDE drive to disappear?

Adding SCSI adapter causes 2nd IDE drive to disappear?

Post by Kevin D Smolkows » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 02:57:07

I am running the 1.1.58 kernel on a 486-66 /w 16 megs.

My current configuration, (which has been running great
for years), is a Promise Cacheing controller with 8 megs,
and 2 405 Meg IDE drives.

Having the urge to get a CD, I picked up a Adaptec AHA-2842VL
SCSI adapter and a Sony CD drive.  Now, whenever the SCSI adapter
is plugged in, my 2nd IDE drive disappears.  I get a kernel
message that hdb is no responding.  I tried using a generic
IDE controller and got the same message.  Tried moving the SCSI
adapter bios to various memory settings and IRQ's and nothing
seemed to make any difference.  Any hints on what I should
do?  Get a different SCSI card perhaps?


1. Adding a hard drive to 2nd SCSI adaptor

I really figured this would be a breeze, but I'm stuck trying to add an
additional drive to a previously emtpy scsi adaptor.

This is a Redhat 6.0 Linux 2.2.5smp kernal, with an Adaptec AIC-7890
(An internal controller hosting the primary boot and system drives -
scsi id 0), and an Adaptec 2940U2W which I'm attempting to connect a
drive with. If I attempt to powerup with the new drive attached
(Properly terminated) and on, the boot stops after the Autorun Done,
message with a VFC error - I know what's happening is that while the
system is booting first on the AIC-7890, linux is treating the drive on
the 2940U2W as /dev/sda instead of /dev/sdb; thus VFC doesn't find a
usable partition.

By powering off/disconnecting the new drive and rebooting successfully,
the dmesg log reports (scsi0) is the 2940 and (scsi1) is the 7890,
which is reverse of what I want. My question then is how with intel
hardware can you change the order the system see's the cards (This is a
Dell box with a Pheonix Bios version, which doesn't appear to allow
reassigning the interupts), or does it matter, can I just configure
something in linux to deal with this and retain the same hardware
configuration (Boot/system drives on the internal controller, data on
the secondary controller)?

A configuration that works, but I don't think is as elegant is changing
the lilo.conf and fstab to reference /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sda, but
that also then assumes everytime the system boots there is at least one
drive attached to the external scsi bus.

Any idea's, suggestions, or assistance I can use to working with
multiple scsi adaptors?

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