Problem installing TAMU on a S1392 SCSI Card

Problem installing TAMU on a S1392 SCSI Card

Post by Christopher Damo » Sat, 18 Jun 1994 11:18:13

Ok folks, I am trying to install the TAMU distribution of linux on my machine
and I am running into the following problem:
     I get it to boot up the ramdisk and fdisk runs fine.  However, when I try
to do a /sbin/mke2fs on the partition that I want to use for linux my screen
fills up with:
Message aha152x: more data than expected (132 bytes)
     Anyone out there have any ideas on what is wrong?  I couldn't find
anything in the FAQ or the HOWTOs on this.  If you could reply to my email
address I would appreciate it.
     Thanks in advance!


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Dana P'Simer

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