xdm problem: rlogin doesn't work under xdm

xdm problem: rlogin doesn't work under xdm

Post by Gwobaw A. » Sun, 25 Dec 1994 15:48:56

Does anyone have the same problem?  I am running Slackware 2.1 and XF86 3.1.
Since, the startx and xinit doesn't work under XF86 3.1, I switched to use
xdm, and bring up user.  In this mode, rlogin doesn't work anymore.  It
simply returns and says 'connection close'.  Rlogin still works when I
switches to VC.  I am connecting thru SLIP using dip 3.3.7 uri since
the dip in slackware 2.1 doesn't work with my dipscript file.

Can anyone help me?  BTW, rsh, ftp, and telnet works in both modes.  Didn't
know about the other network utilities, didn't try.
Thanks in advance.
Please send the suggestion via e-mail to me.
--- Gwobaw Wu


1. using xdm, rlogin to SUN doesn't work

I am running slackware 1.2.0 in a heterogenous network. Using rlogin
I can reach any kind of machine, as long as it has a TCP/IP connection.
When I changed the default runlevel in /etc/inittab from 5 to 6, the Linux
PC starts up the display manager and the authorization is changed, now
using the MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1. From then on, every rlogin to a SUN ends
with the message 'rlogin: connection closed'.

The rlogin still works with SCO-PC's, Ultrix, VAX having UCX installed,
even the IBM mainframe is still reachable.

I changed in /var/X11/lib/X11/xdm/xdm-config the authorization

            DisplayManager._0.authorize  false

This implies, that the X-server starts with the default host-based
authorization. But the result was still the same.

Starting from one of the console screens is the only way to do a remote
login to a SUN, because these screens are not affected by this curious
behaviour of the display manager.

Opening a remote session on an Ultrix using rlogin and trying from there
another rlogin to a Sun, doesn't work either! Only when starting a telnet
session on the Ultrix the following rlogin to the Sun works.

If anyone knows what's wrong let me know.

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