dip SLIP slow pinging

dip SLIP slow pinging

Post by Roger Stou » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 10:23:01

I have found that when I ping my provider after dip makes SLIP
connection, the ping time is about 350ms. When using MS Windows Winsock
from same machine, port and modem, the ping times are about 165ms. All
programs work, ftp, lynx telnet, etc. with dip connection but just very
slowly!  I can also use minicom to shell to my provider with much better
response time.  Where should I look for answers to this problem?

I have read NET-2-HOWTO, serial-HOWTWO, Linux bible and various UNIX books
to no avail.

I am using Pentium 90, 14.4k modem, Linux 1.1.57 and SLIP

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I need to demo Internet
access at an expo in a few days. Even flames as long as there is a
pointer to info - I don't mind digging - Thanks


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        I'm trying to connect to the Net using Linux.

        Everything works fine in Windows..14.4k,Cslip

        When I connect using Dip/Slip it's VERY SLOW.

        Ping to local ISP host 300ms using Windows...

        about 12secs using Linux and a lot of errors

        (lost pkts). The modem has a 16550A uart,connects

        at 14400 Rel LAPM ok and I've the speed set to 38400

        in Dip....(stty shows speed 38400 and crtscts set)

        Any advice/help would be appreciated.

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