Mitsumi Double Speed Drive

Mitsumi Double Speed Drive

Post by Hugh C. De Lo » Wed, 21 Dec 1994 19:13:32

I have two mitsumi cd drives.  One is single speed and works off a Galaxy
sound card.  The other is a double speed drive working off of its 16 bit
interface card.  The yggdrasil summer 1994 release I use recognizes the
single speed drive through the Galaxy card, but it doesn't recognize the
double speed drive and interface. Is there a way to mount both mitsumi
drives?  is there a way to run Linux from the double speed drive instead
of the single speed drive?

I boot from floppy and have an intermediate load on the hard disk where I
only access the cdrom for certain programs.

Any help in this area would be appreciated.

Hugh C. De Long
Electrochemistry Research Leader
Frank J. Seiler Research Laboratory


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I have the Mitsumi double speed with 0.99pl13 kernel and
linux/kernel/blk_drv/mcd.c - Mitsumi CDROM driver 0.3.2

It works fine but some very few times I have:

"Kernel Panic: Mitsumi CD-ROM: request list destroyed" and the system stop.

Has somebody this problem ?

Can you mail me a little word if you post an answer on c.o.l please.


 Please,Not email >25k without inform me,No NeXT mail.  *.flame -> /dev/null

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